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Cooking Whips and Wshisks are durable utensils most commonly used in the foodservice industry for whipping cream, sauces, and butter. Several styles of whips are available with several materials such as plastic or stainless steel construction. Whips can be decorated with beads, jewels, printed designs, and many colors to add decor to any kitchen while also adding functionality to improve preparing things like whipped creams and sauces.

With our cooking Whips and Wshisks, you can mix ingredients faster than ever before. Our cooking whips and whisks are available in different shapes, sizes, and wire configurations to meet your specific culinary needs. They are great for mixing batter for pancakes or muffins, scrambling eggs, cream sauces, whipping cream, blending hot drinks, puréeing soup…just about anything.

There are many different types of Whips and Wshisks available, which vary in size, form, and usefulness. Whips are known by several names, including piano whisk, french whisk, flat whisk, flat whisk, spiral whisk, dough whisk, cattle whip, and so on.

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