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Coffee Machine Servicing and Maintenance Guide

Coffee Machine Servicing and Maintenance Guide Leave a comment

A commercial coffee shop has to serve hundreds of cups of coffee in a day. As quality coffee is the primary product of a coffee shop, you should consider serving quality coffee always. A lot of factors may describe making an excellent and tasty coffee. 

One of the most crucial matters is the coffee machine servicing and maintenance properly, professionally, and regularly.

If you want to serve good coffee, you will have to ensure a clean well-performed machine. Cleaning and servicing of an espresso machine should be priority basis work. 

What should maintenance and servicing regular basis 

Espresso machine, coffee brewers, and grinders are all complicated portions of the device that includes many components that have to function in concord with a purpose of amazing tasting espresso. Being proactive and retaining your machines maintained properly, even if they’re working smoothly, is essential to save you devise failures. That’s why we’ve designed a Preventative Maintenance plan, designed to preserve your machines in the perfect shape.

Here is some preventive maintenance checklist of coffee machine 

We can divide the checklist periodically 

i) Daily checklist/Basic

How to Clean a Coffee Machine

Some basic maintenance should perform by the operator like

Use a fresh cleaning cloth and a brush to clean and wipe the

the coffee machine always. 

Always keep clean your drip tray, filters, and filter basket

Wipe down the steam wand can save from blocked of dry 

milk and grow up from bacteria.

Clean the coffee filter and filter holder every day, remove the

coffee filter from the holder and wipe with a fresh cloth both

coffee filter and filter holder. 

Cleaning and wipe the shower screen daily basis would bring a

fresh test of coffee or else there will appear some substances 

in coffee which you will have to remove manually, this issue 

will not dissolve by using the coffee cleaner.

Perform a full Backflush, scrub the group heads with a machine 

brush to slacken and eliminate coffee beans, then, at that point 

use espresso machine cleaning synthetic substances toward 

the finish of consistently. Or then again, in case you’re a home 

barista machine has a three-way valve, utilize the Espresso 

Machine Backflush Cleaner in some measure one-time per 

week. In case you’re stressed over this, utilization less 

synthetic substances, however, keep it up! Ensure you reattach 

your shower screen prior to backflushing to forestall pushing 

any wayward espresso particles back into the water planes of 

your group head.

Check the pressure gauge of your water filter system and 

change any filters that are out of date.

Clean all removable parts from the espresso machine: soak

filter baskets, handles, group head, shower screens, etc., 

and so on in an answer of one quart boiling water + 1 

tablespoon of coffee machine cleanser for a couple of hours or 


How often replace filters and gaskets of a coffee machine

ii) Weekly checklist

Check the pressure gauge of your water filter system and change any filters that are out of date.

iii) Monthly checklist
If you conscious leak between the port filter and group head, change the shower screen and portafilter baskets monthly.

iv) Every Three-month basis checklist
We recommend that after two to three months, you change your group head gasket, coffee filter, steam nozzle filters.

v) Anual basis checklist
Depart machine and check water boiler, check steam leakage, check pressure release valve, check drain hose, check pump and steam pressure and replace any defective parts found.

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